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Ballarat Dentist: Smoking Cessation And Oral Health

Ballarat Dentist Smoking Cessation And Oral HealthA mounting body of clinical studies suggests that smokers have a higher than average risk of acquiring dental and periodontal diseases.

Tobacco has long since been known to cause a wide range of serious medical conditions which includes lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, among others.

Oral Problems Caused By Smoking

Recent studies reveal that frequent exposure to tobacco holds a distinctive and equally dangerous impact on oral health. Your mouth is the initial and main point of contact between the rest of your body and the butt of a burning cigarette. Your mouth is essentially the very location where the many toxic ingredients of a cigarette converge to later gain access to rest of your body.

Among the many known dental problems caused by regular tobacco use include:

  •  Bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis
  • Tooth discoloration due to nicotine stains
  • Increased plaque and tartar buildup
  • Increased bone loss within jaw
  • Increased risk of developing white patches, otherwise known as leukoplakia
  • Increased risk of acquiring periodontal disease, eventually progressing to toothloss
  • Slower healing and recovery following dental surgeries
  • Increased risk of acquiring oral cancer

Smoking And Periodontal Disease

Regular exposure to cigars, cigarettes, and other tobacco products is known to interfere with the normal functions of the gums in a cellular level. This interference negatively impacts the attachment between the soft tissues of the gums and your teeth. When this happens, your gums become more susceptible to infections.

Infections that occur on the gums often affect blood flow and wound healing. When left untreated, this ultimately progresses to gingivitis and periodontitis.

Ballarat Dentist

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  • 6 Dec, 2013
  • Ryan Davies
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