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Benefits Of In-House-Teeth-Whitening

Benefits Of In-House-Teeth-WhiteningWhile home teeth whitening kits are getting increasingly affordable by the minute, visiting your local dentist Ballarat for an in-house procedure is still your best teeth-whitening option.

Although teeth whitening procedure that is overseen by your dentist might cost you a bit more, compared to salon-and-space whitening treatments, there are very tangible advantages that truly outweigh the additional cost.

Fast And Whiter Results

Only dentists have genuine access to professional teeth whitening systems like whitening hydrogen peroxide. Typically, the hydrogen peroxide whitening treatment that you get over the counter only has 3% strength. In-house treatment are just a bit more expensive for a reason — they produce not only whiter but more immediate and visible results. While most take home kits require at least 4 weeks to produce barely visible result, professional teeth whitening will leave your pearly whites radiant in under an hour.

Deep Stains

Home treatment kit, much like salon-and-spa whitening, can only do so much in treating chronic dental stains. The formulation of these teeth whitening systems are simply not strong enough to deal with chronic stains. The best course of treatment for people who suffer from chronic staining is often laser and light teeth whitening.

Proper Application

Among the common issues associated with salon-and-spa do-it-yourself teeth whitening treatment is dental sensitivity and pain. All too often, these results from improper and incorrect application of bleaching agents. This problem is readily avoided when you have an licensed dental expert oversee your teeth whitening procedure.

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  • 4 Mar, 2014
  • Ryan Davies
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