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Dental Care For Diabetics

Dental Care For DiabeticsDiabetes is an unwanted systemic condition that affects the entire the body, prominently including the mouth, teeth, and gums. Professional dental upkeep is especially important for people who suffer from diabetes.

Diabetics are at a higher than normal risk of developing a number of unwanted dental anomalies due to their inability to properly control their blood sugar levels.

Simply put, the lesser control your body has over its blood sugar levels, the higher are the chances that oral health problems will develop. Uncontrolled diabetes impairs white blood cell activity in the body. White blood cells are essentially soldiers that combat threats of bacterial infection. 

Dental Complications

  • Dry mouth. Diabetes, especially when left uncontrolled and unattended, dramatically decreases saliva flow. Decreased saliva flow typically results to an oral health condition called xerostomia. More popularly referred to as dry mouth, xerostomia results to further oral health complications such as mouth soreness, ulcers, infections, and tooth decay.
  • Gum inflammation. Apart from aggressively impairing white blood cell activity, diabetes also causes the blood vessels to thicken. This compromises the otherwise optimal flow and distribution of nutrients in the body. Once nutrient flow and distribution has been compromised, the ability of the body to ward off infection is further reduced. Ultimately, this makes the body more susceptible to gum disease, which is caused by bacterial infection.
  • Slower healing rate of oral tissues. Diabetics who remain unable to properly control their blood sugar level tend not to heal quickly after injury or surgery. This is mainly because of how blood flow to the treatment site is far from optimal.

Dentist In Ballarat

It is an imperative for people who suffer from diabetes to practice good dental habits such as brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing with good quality dental floss or interdental cleaners, and dentist recommended mouthwash. More importantly, diabetic patients are required to visit their Ballarat dentist on a regular basis for professional dental upkeep. This mainly includes regular dental checkups, periodontal screening, and professional dental cleanings.

Offering exceptional dental solutions, your local Dentist In Ballarat houses a team of dental professionals who go out of their way to give you consistently pleasant dental experience. Claim your FREE dental consultation by calling us at (03) 5332 3148, or simply by booking an appointment online.


  • 16 Apr, 2014
  • Ryan Davies
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