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Dentist in Ballarat: How Sports And Energy Drinks Hurt Your Teeth

Dentist in Ballarat : How Sports And Energy Drinks Hurt Your TeethEnergy drinks, as it turns out, are among the worse tooth decay culprits of today – significantly worse than coffee. A study that appeared on the peer reviewed journal General Dentistry confirms this. The study reports that popular brands of sports and energy drinks contain too much acid that regular consumption of these products has proven to be detrimental to your oral health.

Read on as your Dentist In Ballarat talks about how your favorite sports and energy drinks hurt your teeth.

The Study

Researchers of the study were able to analyze 13 different sports drinks and 9 different energy drinks. To do this, the researchers immersed samples of human tooth enamel in sports and energy drinks samples for 15 minutes. After this, the human tooth enamel samples were then soaked in artificial saliva for 2 hours. The same process was done and repeated throughout the duration of the experiment which lasted for 5 days.

The Conclusion: Glorified Sodas

After only 5 days, researchers note that there were already visible evidences of tooth enamel damage. Lead author of the study, Poonam Jain, MPH of Southern Illinois University notes that it is the very high acidic contents of these sports and energy products that are responsible for the dental damage. The lead author remarks that people who consume these drinks had always assumed that these products improve their physical performance and heightens their energy levels. These people also assume that these products are better for them than soda. Most of these people more than shocked to learn that these products are practically bathing their teeth with acid.

Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale Prevention Center explains that mouth dwelling bacteria convert sugar to acid. It is the acid that damages the tooth enamel and not the sugar directly. By consuming high these high acid drinks, you are just taking the middleman out, and paving the way to a faster rate of tooth decay. Dr. Kats remarks that sports and energy products are nothing but glorified sodas, with as much or more sugar.”


The best way to prevent sports and energy drinks-related tooth enamel damage is to stop the drinking these products entirely. However, if you are among the millions people around the world who are chronic sports and energy drinkaholics, then cutting down on your daily consumption might be a good place to start.

Dental experts also recommend that you rinse your mouth with water immediately after consuming these products, as water help dilutes high acidity levels until the mouth normalizes pH levels. Because the mouth approximately needs half an hour to restore its healthy pH levels, refrain from brushing your teeth immediately after drinking any sports and energy products as this just furthers any existing tooth enamel damage.

Dentist In Ballarat: CBD Dental

Visiting your local dentist best protects your teeth against any threat of tooth decay. As part of their commitment to advancing oral healthcare, your dental experts at CBD Dental make sure that you are informed about the consumption of these sport and energy drinks, and how these products affect your oral health.

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