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Dentist In Ballarat: Why You Should Start Flossing Today

Dentist In Ballarat Why You Should Start Flossing TodayDespite the outdated belief of all too many people, brushing alone does not free your mouth of enough bacteria build-ups.

When it comes to promoting optimal oral healthcare, toothbrush and dental floss always go hand in hand. This is exactly why your local dentist often asks you if you have been flossing your teeth regularly. Because more than a few people a few people don’t.

Why Flossing Is Important

Unlike a toothbrush which is mostly effective in cleaning the outer surfaces of your teeth, dental floss has the ability to perform thorough interdental cleaning. This simply means that a dental floss is specially designed to clean inside in between spaces of your teeth and gums where bacteria often build up. A healthy mouth, as it turns out, help lessen the risk of acquiring more serious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease.

How To Properly Floss

It is virtually impossible for a toothbrush to thoroughly clean the tight spaces between your teeth. This is essentially where flossing comes in. Much more, this is where proper flossing techniques come in.

Don’t skimp on the floss. Make sure that you break off at least 46 cm of dental floss in every cleaning. Wind up one end of the dental floss around the middle finger of your one hand and the other end around the middle finger of your other hand. Make sure that you firmly grip the floss between your thumbs and forefinger.

Be gentle. Floss with a rubbing motion. Do not press the floss aggressively against your gums. When the floss touches your gums, curve it gently on one tooth. Floss one tooth at a time.

Keep it up. If you find it difficult to make a habit of using dental floss, you can use other interdental cleaners instead. Other popular interdental cleaners include specialised wooden and plastic picks, sticks, and brushes.

Dentist In Ballarat: CBD Dental

While both brushing and flossing get you a long way in advancing your dental health, visiting your local Dentist In Ballarat is perhaps the best way to ensure that your mouth remains cavity free. Call us on (03) 5332 3148 or book your appointment online and claim your FREE dental consultation today!

  • 29 Nov, 2013
  • Ryan Davies
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