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Gum Health

Gum HealthContrary to the popular misnomer, it is not aging but gum disease, medically known as periodontal disease, that is the most common culprit of tooth loss.

Religiously practicing good dental hygiene best increases your chances at keeping your teeth and gums healthy and intact, even as you get older.

Unlike most unwanted dental condition, periodontal disease rarely presents any painful symptoms in its earlier stages.

It is for this exact reason that most people who already have periodontal disease are caught unaware until it starts to present more noticeable and serious symptoms.

Gingivitis And Periodontitis

Gingivitis is essentially gum disease at its infancy. This gum condition typically occurs when the gums, or the gingival, become inflamed. Among the most prominent symptoms of gingivitis include red, swollen, and tender gums that tend to bleed a little too easily. When left untreated, it is quite easy for gingivitis to progress into periodontitis, or advanced-stage gum disease.

Unlike gingivitis which is largely characterised by inflamed gums, periodontitis is characterised by receding gums that pull away from the tooth. When this happens, the gums tend to form pockets which make soft periodontal tissues extremely vulnerable to infection. When left untreated, periodontitis can easily cause severe damage to the bones, gums, and periodontal tissues that hold the teeth in place.

Whether it is gingivitis or periodontitis, gum disease is known to progress very slowly. This means that it can be easily treated. Apart from watching what you eat and practicing good dental habits daily, seeking professional dental help is no less than crucial in helping you maintain healthier gums.

Dentist In Ballarat CBD

With a profound understanding of just how important both dental and periodontal health is to your general health, and overall wellbeing, your local dentist at CBD Dental Ballarat provides top-class and state-of-the-art oral health solutions to the local Ballarat community and its surrounding regions.

Professional dental services, of course, include an extensive gum treatment program which, depending on the severity of the condition, might consist of non-surgical therapy and minor gum surgery.

Get a head start on optimal oral health. Claim your dental consultation by calling us at (03) 5332 3148, or simply by booking an appointment online.

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