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Mouth Irritations: Cankers Sores, Cold Sores, And Oral Thrush

Mouth Irritations: Cankers Sores, Cold Sores, And Oral ThrushOften characterised as painful swellings that persist on dental surfaces such as the lips, tongue, and insides of the cheeks, mouth irritations and oral lesions come in all shapes and sizes.

While there are numerous types of mouth irritations, canker sores, cold sores, and oral thrush are arguably the most common among these oral health anomalies.

Canker Sores

Often confused with cold sores, canker sores manifest as small white inflammatory haloes on the inner surfaces of the mouth. Canker sores are recurring oral health anomalies. Both medical and dental experts have yet to determine the exact cause of this mouth irritation.

Among the culprits, however, include both hereditary and environmental factors such as iron and vitamin B deficiencies. These also include dental trauma that results from ill-fitting dentures, fractured teeth, and cracked fillings.

Cold Sores

Unlike canker sores, which manifest on the inner surfaces of the mouth, cold sores occur outside the mouth, most commonly on the area under the nose or around the chin. Otherwise known as fever blisters and herpes complex, cold sores are caused by herpes virus and are extremely contagious.

Oral Thrush

Technically referred to as candidiasis, oral thrush manifests as yellow-white and red patches on the moist surfaces of the mouth. Caused by candida albicans (a yeast), oral thrush is most likely to occur among people who are wearing dentures, are undergoing antibiotic treatment, and whose immune systems are compromised. Children, most especially newborns, are also a high risk of developing this oral health anomaly.

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  • 8 Apr, 2014
  • Ryan Davies
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