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Oral Health Element: Saliva

Oral Health Element: SalivaMost people, when they think about oral health, think of their gums and teeth. After all, the world literally spends billions of dollars every year on tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes alone.

Saliva, that watery substance that keeps your mouth moist, is often put on the sidelines when it comes to oral health considerations. Saliva, however, is no less than central in promoting and preserving an optimal oral environment.

Saliva Role and Production

A healthy body constantly produces saliva throughout the course of an entire day. The production of saliva mainly happens when you chew. As such, the more you chew, the more saliva is produced. Saliva production happens in the salivary glands, which sit in your cheeks, at the bottom of your mouth near the jawbone.

Peak of saliva production usually happens in the afternoon, and decreases dramatically, although naturally, at night when you are sleeping. Because everybody is a little different, what is considered to be normal saliva production varies quite a bit from one person to another. This said, most people produce 2 to 4 pints of saliva everyday.

Among the most prominent roles of saliva in oral health activity include:

  • Keeping the mouth moist and comfortable.
  • Helping in the fundamental tasks of the mouth such as in tasting, chewing, and swallowing.
  • Actively fighting against mouth-dwelling bacteria.
  • Actively preventing chronic dental and periodontal disease.


There is a wide range of oral and systemic diseases and medication that could dramatically decrease saliva production to lower-than-normal levels. If you are unable to produce enough saliva, chances are you would end up with dry mouth.

Otherwise known as, xerostomia, dry mouth, when left untreated, can easily result in unwanted dental and periodontal conditions, which among others, include tooth decay and periodontal disease.

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