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What are Dental Bridges?

Dentist In Ballarat: What are Dental Bridges?Dental bridges, as its name indicates, are fixed prosthetic devices that are specifically designed to bridge the gap that is typically left by one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges basically consist of two parts: abutment teeth and the pointics.

Abutment teeth, or the abutment part of dental bridges, essentially functions as anchor teeth to the pointics. Abutment teeth are dental crowns that are installed on either side of the gap, or on both sides of the gap. Pointics, on the other hand, are replacement false teeth that fill in the dental gap that commonly results from tooth loss.

Advantages Of Dental Bridges 

Looking at it from a purely cosmetic vantage point, restoring the completeness of your smile is arguably the greatest advantage that dental bridges bring to the table. When you have a complete set of teeth, you essentially have the right set of anatomical support that preserves the natural shape of your face. As soon as you lose a teeth, your facial musculature cannot help but change.

Essentially, the more teeth you lose, the more your facial anatomy is compromised. Tooth loss basically translates to a facial profile that collapses inwards, typically resulting to a prematurely aged look. As such, apart from completing your smile, dental bridges also provide the necessary support structures that help you preserve the youthful features of your face.

Moreover, tooth loss typically prompts the remaining teeth to shift out of order. By immediately introducing replacement teeth into the dental gap, dental bridges prevent this from happening.

Your Reliable Dentist In Ballarat CBD

Apart from its overwhelming cosmetic advantages, dental bridges also help promote good bite, which, in turn, prevents temporomadibular joint disorder. For high-quality dental restorations and other tooth replacement options, visit your trusted Ballarat dentist at CBD Dental Ballarat. We have long been dedicated in providing the local Ballarat community with top-notch dental solutions and the most pleasant dental experience possible. Claim your dental consultation by calling us at 03 5532 3148. Or simply book an appointment online.

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