Teeth Straightening Ballarat

At CBD Dental Ballarat, we offer a selection of teeth straightening treatments. These can be cosmetic treatments to help improve your smile or therapeutic treatments designed to improve your long-term oral health.

We specialise in dento-facial aesthetics, which aims to give you optimum confidence by looking beyond the mouth to facial features and aesthetics that frame your smile.

Smile Styler is a clear aligner system that is highly effective in treating all sorts of teeth straightening issues and positively affects the aesthetic features of your face. This clear aligner is designed to fit conveniently with your lifestyle, so you can reach your goal of a perfect smile.

The SmileStyler system works by using a 3D scan of your teeth to design a custom treatment plan. Each set of aligners is then worn for the prescribed amount of time, with the aligners gently shifting your teeth into place.

Book your SmileStyler consultation today to find out if it is the right choice for you.

Trust the Dental Professionals

The CBD Dental Ballarat team is committed to helping everyone get their perfect smile. For many people, this means some form of teeth straightening. When you speak with one of our friendly team members, we can help decide on the best strategy to get your ideal smile.

Our experienced and trained dentists can help make the process simple, pain-free and effective, whether it’s braces or aligners. We will organise regular check-ups with you to ensure everything is progressing smoothly and answer any questions you may have.

And our care doesn’t have to stop at straighter teeth. We also offer a range of other treatments, including teeth whitening, fillings and general oral healthcare checks. A perfect smile is important but so is good oral health. At CBD Dental Ballarat, we want you to have both.

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